Life is better when you start your day with the right lamp.

Whether adorning your bedside table or gracing your living room, this enchanting masterpiece illuminates not just your space, but your soul, guiding you through the night with its celestial embrace.

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“Step into a realm where the ethereal meets the tangible, where dreams take flight on beams of soft, lunar light. Imagine a moon, suspended in mid-air, casting its gentle glow upon your surroundings.”

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"There is no great genius without a mixture of madness."

- Aristotle

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  • 3D integrated seamless printing technology
  • Start with details
  • Multiple protection
  • Cutting-edge Design

Customer Video

  • James Aficionado

    "I can't get over how mesmerizing my moon floating lamp is! It's like having a piece of the night sky right in my living room.”

  • Keera Cersa

    “ I love how it adds a touch of magic to my evenings and helps me unwind after a long day. Definitely one of my favorite purchases!”

  • Peter Eddison

    "I've never seen anything quite like this moon floating lamp! It's such a unique and innovative design that instantly captures attention.”

Brand Concept

At Dreamer, we believe in capturing the essence of celestial wonder and
bringing it into the heart of your home. Our brand concept revolves
around the enchanting allure of the moon, embodied in our signature
product, the Moon Floating Lamp. Luminia stands as a beacon of
tranquility, offering a sanctuary of light and serenity amidst the chaos
of modern life.

Elevate the Richness of your Life Experience.